Our Commitment

There are many qualities which are unique to the human race. Compassion, selflessness, common good and understanding. The list goes on. The Chiro Cabin always has and always will support our local community. We happily share what ever we can with organisations, charities and clubs. It is our belief that we are able to inspire the good in our community through our work.

Locals we Support 

Hurstbridge Junior Football and Netball Club

Ferguson Park Pre School

St Andrews Primary School

Arthurs Creek Primary School

Hurstbridge Wattle Festival



Everyone Needs a Hand


The strong sense of community and "mateship" are what make Hurstbridge and the surrounding regions such a lovely place to be. In times of hardship, everyone bonds together and helps where they can. None more so than our volunteer firefighters and SES workers. 

At The Chiro Cabin, we are in eternal gratitude for all the efforts of the CFA, SES, Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria. 

All members of the CFA, SES, Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria, including volunteers are welcome at all times. And all for a fee of $45 for any session. 

It's our small way of saying thank you.

Sports Grassroots Program

When it comes to our local sporting club, everybody involved wants the best for their team. From the coaches, players, juniors and even canteen staff, we all want to see our club grow and prosper. This may take the shape of on-field success, greater community involvement, professional leadership or something as simple as adopting a positive culture. Whatever the specifics, they arenot important. The common goal is we all want to be involved in a happy club.

Unfortunately, research has shown there is an alarming trend across all sporting clubs and codes when it comes to the health and wellbeing of the people who keep the club alive. When we analyse the current injury prevention and health promotion initiatives taken by clubs we find that less than 20% of clubs have a professional and reliable program in place. Not only is this statistic poor, it gets even worse when we analyse the junior divisions. Less than 10% of clubs have health initiatives in place even though a majority of clubs would promote a safe and professional set up.

At The Chiro Cabin we believe that our community deserves better. We want to see that statistic rise across all sports so that our local clubs become the happy and healthy places that they should be. As such we have developed our very own Grassroots Program as part of our ongoing commitment to giving back to our community.

Let us all challenge the status quo. Join us in helping to make our community a healthier and happier place. Our clubs and children deserve to be cared for more so than the professionals. Get in contact with us to discuss how we can achieve this together.