Dr Emilio Kardaris

Emilio is our resident Chiropractor and the owner of The Chiro Cabin.

After spending a number of years travelling the world to work with the brightest and best athletes, Emilio decided to trade in the spotlight for a quieter and more connected lifestyle. Choosing to open in Hurstbridge was a no-brainer.

Emilio strongly believes that everyone is unique and that we all have our own passions in life. Because of this belief, no treatment method in Chiropractic is the one that works for everyone. And so, Emilio has learnt a number of different techniques which all aim to help improve his clients health, regardless of their age or abilities. These include being certified with RockTape and being an Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner with the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS).

When he isn't in the Cabin, Emilio also teaches fellow health practitioners how to use RockTape. He usually runs kinesiotaping workshops with RockTape on weekends. Apart from being a teacher, Emilio is also a mentor for student chiropractors and frequently has them visiting the Cabin for observations and private tutorials.

Emilio's current positions:

Victorian State Chairman, Sports Chiropractic Australia

Chairman, Ethics Commission, International Federation of Sports Chiropractic

Treasurer, Hurstbridge Traders Association