As Mother Nature Intended

There is little in life that is more rewarding than spending time outdoors and reconnecting with nature. Now more than ever, we all need to be more conscious of our decisions and how they impact the world around us. At The Chiro Cabin, we strive to be as in tune with nature as we possibly can be. Our treatment is natural, safe and sustainable; and so are all our products.


The Best of the Bush

Hurstbridge is famous for its relaxing, leafy surrounds. Simply looking out the windows of the Cabin will reveal a large variety of tree and plant life, all native to the area.

We have carefully selected a variety of plants to live inside the Cabin and keep the air clear. They are watered, fed and cared for just as well as our clients.

It is fair to say that they are a part of the family.


Planeteers Unite

Where is Captain Planet when you need him?! 
As every day passes, tones and tones of chemical and physical waste are dumped into our oceans and ecosystems. As a society, we only have ourselves to blame for where we have ended up. 

At The Chiro Cabin we are very well aware of the threats that waste pose to our world and so we only ever use products which are environmentally friendly. That includes our cleaning goods, creams and gels, and even our aromatics. If any of our products did end up in the environment, they wouldn't even harm a fly.

Raw and Organic

In Australia, we have a real problem with chronic health issues. They have a monstrous impact on our society and many of us have limited options regarding their management. 

Early philosophers believed that our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food. We believe that there is more this saying than meets the eye. We will always promote healthy eating for our clients. Keeping in mind that one diet is not always best for everyone, we recommend that our clients undergo a culinary exploration and find which foods they enjoy most, and which foods are best for them. 

Ideally, we want all our foods to be as nature intended them to be, unprocessed, unrefined and organic.