The Cabin

Welcome to our home. 
At 110 years old, Darraville is a heritage listed building and one of the very first homesteads built in Hurstbridge.
Over the years, this beautiful cabin has seen many families grow up and has been looked after beautifully.
While we have updated a few bits and pieces, much of the charm still remains as it was over 110 years ago.


community space

Originally, this space would have once been the main living area for a growing family. To stay true to the ways of the old, we have purposely left this space open for living in. 

Abundant with living greenery, the air is always fresh and the atmosphere inviting. We have a special teepee set up for kids of all ages to play in and an ongoing, permanent Ring Toss Challenge. Think you have what it takes to beat our top score? We doubt it...

active movement gym

The next room you'll see is our Active Movement Gym. Never before seen in Hurstbridge, we have converted this bedroom into a space dedicated towards play. Forget sets and reps, that is not how we roll. 

This area is where we spend time with every single client, honing in on their built in ability to move and unleashing it in ways they never thought possible. All the while, we keep good-old-fashioned fun at the top of the priority list.



treatment rooms

One used to be a bedroom, the other a kitchen, with the big steel oven still in place. 

Our treatment rooms are designed with healing in mind. Clean, simple and effective; we keep the focus on our clients the entire time. All our modern and sophisticated tools are stowed away and we use only what we need to. The atmosphere here is all about relaxing.